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Finalize Settings


The final step in Voice Broadcast campaign creation is the Settings page.



The default name is the date and time of campaign creation.


A label is like a folder. If you want to use a label to make it easier to find your campaign(s) for later use, click the icon to name and manage your labels. 

Caller ID

The caller ID is the number displayed when the Voice Broadcast calls your contact list. Select one of your existing caller ID numbers from the drop-down menu. If this is your first Voice Broadcast campaign, or you wish to add another caller ID number, click on the New Caller ID icon and follow the instructions for verifying a caller ID number.


  • Local Time Dialing Restrictions Click the box, then select the hours during which you want calls made from the drop-down menus. No calls will be made outside of this window.
  • Automatic Retry Decide whether or not you want the system to retry numbers it didn't reach the first time. Designate the number of retries, the length between them, and which dispositions you want to retry.
  • Max Simultaneous Calls Enter the maximum number of calls that you want CallFire to dial at once.


If you want your campaign to begin right away, select the Start Immediately box. Otherwise, click on the Add Schedule button and complete the settings in the Create Schedule pop-up box. After you enter a schedule, you will see it in the Schedule section.


Acknowledge compliance with the FTC's Telemarketing Sales Rule.

Click Finalize to complete the configuration.


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