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Configure Numbers


Simple, Quick Instructions:

1. Click on 'Phone Numbers' on the left-side menu.
2. Click on 'Configure' above, and select 'Configure Tracking' from the drop-down menu.
3. Enter the desired transfer number in the box provided (required).
4. Select any additional features you may want (optional).
5. Hit the "Finalize" button at the bottom of your screen to save.
6. Give your number a test call to complete activation.


Detailed Instructions:

On the Numbers page, check the number to be configured, and click Configure Tracking.

Transfer Number(s)

Enter the phone number to which callers will be transferred after dialing your CallFire Call Tracking number. 

Call Options

  • Record All Calls Records all incoming calls
  • Prompt to press 1 When the recipient receives the transferred call, the system repeats "Press 1," which allows the screening of incoming calls. If 1 is not pressed, then callers will hear a busy signal.
  • Enable voicemail Directs incoming callers to your CallFire voicemail if the call is not successfully answered.




  • Failed Transfer Message

    This message will play in the unlikely event that the call does not successfully transfer. Causes for this include all circuits busy, dropped calls, etc.

  • Intro Message

    Callers will here this message before the call transfers. For example, it may say: "Thank you for contacting ABC Company! Please hold while we transfer you to the home office."

  • Whisper Message

    A whisper message plays for the recipient of the transferred call just before the caller is connected. For example, it may say: "This is a sales lead from XYZ online." 

Note: Instructions on how to create new and select existing sounds are contained in the Sound Library article.


Check to receive an email notification when you receive an inbound call/text.

Office Hours

This option allows you to enable office hours and/or an after-hours message. Set the hours that suit you best. Any calls received outside those hours will hear your after-hours message, if you choose to set one. If you do not personalize the message, make sure you check Enable voicemail (above) so that a system-standard message will play.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides you with detailed statistics about your campaigns and visitors. You will need to have an existing Google Analytics account. When you select this checkbox, three fields will display.

  • Domain Your domain name (for example,
  • Account ID Your Google Analytics Key (for example, UA-XXXXXX-X)
  • Category An event category (for example, Sales, Support, Westcoast-Sales)


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