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Specify List Validation Options


CallFire initiates a series of checks to ensure the integrity of your contact lists. During this process, you may be asked to resolve any errors. The List Validation Options operate at account-level and override campaign-level prompts. 

Access the List Validation Options by hovering your mouse over CallFire in the upper right, and clicking on Settings. The Validation Options are in the center.

Validation Resolution Options


  • Always ask Prompt for a manual choice each time contacts are added to a campaign.
  • Resolve: keep/merge Resolve error by overwriting existing contact information with the more recent.


  • Resolve: remove Resolve error by removing contact.

Column Mapping/Unrecognized Columns (Only applies to mapping errors)

  • Name manually View a snapshot of your Excel upload and indicate which column contains the phone numbers you want to call
  • Use defaults Have the system search for the default column: homePhone

Validation Steps

  • Mapping/Unrecognized Columns: System unable to determine which phone number to call
  • Multiple Rows with the Same Number: The same number found associated with several contacts
  • Contains International Numbers: Support for US and Canada only
  • Invalid Numbers: Non existent area code, non existent number
  • Do Not Call Numbers: Numbers on your CallFire DNC list
  • Duplicate Numbers in Campaign: Duplicate numbers detected
  • Existing Contacts: Contacts already saved in your All Contacts Library


  • Terms of Service: Required to complete process


CallFire strongly recommends these choices as best practices:

  • Manually resolve any mapping/unrecognized column errors. Verify the exact numbers you want to call.
  • Merge existing contacts. You don't need two copies of the same person in your All Contacts Library.
  • Scrub all other numbers, especially duplicate numbers.


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