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Port Numbers


CallFire allows you to port, or migrate, numbers you purchased from another company to our platform. 

Porting Process

While you are porting your numbers to CallFire, you must keep your previous service active until the switch has officially been completed. You will need to email or fax us a letter of authorization (LOA), and a copy of a bill from your current provider to verify customer and account information. Refer to Porting Policies and Procedures below for more information. 

Click on Phone Numbers in the left navigation bar. Then, on the Numbers page, click Port Numbers.

Next, you will see the Porting Request screen. Enter all required information, and click Next.


On the Payment page, you will see the charges for the first month's lease fee(s). Enter your credit card information, read and agree to the legal statement, and click Next. Click Print Request Form, so that you can print out a copy of the letter of authorization (LOA), which needs to be signed and faxed/scanned/emailed to CallFire with a copy of a recent bill dated within 30 days. Without a copy of a recent bill, we cannot prove ownership of the number and will be unable to initiate the porting request.

Email Updates

You will receive periodic email updates on the status of your porting request.

  • Print and fax form to CallFire CallFire is waiting to receive your signed request.
  • Processing Your request has been received and is awaiting approval.
  • Rejected/Accepted If the port is accepted, you will be emailed a port date. If the port is rejected, the email will notify you what information we need to continue with the request.
  • Confirmed The number has been ported to your account.

Please note: Porting typically takes five to 10 business days from the date it is submitted.

Porting Policies and Procedures

As stated above, you must keep your phone number(s) active with your current carrier while CallFire arranges for the switch to our service.

As you are completing the forms above, our system asks you to send us a copy of a bill from your current provider and a letter of authorization (LOA) via fax or email. CallFire will then submit the LOA to your current provider.

Once CallFire receives approval to switch your number from your previous provider, we will begin porting your number. It usually takes only 10 business days, but please be aware that it could take longer if issues arise with your current carrier. If this happens, we will alert you via email.

Checking Status of Porting Request


Checking the status of your porting request is quick and easy. On your Settings page, there is a Port Requests link. Here you will see the status of your request(s), along with any other important information.



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