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Validate Contacts


CallFire initiates a series of checks to ensure the integrity of your contact lists. During this process, you may be asked to resolve any errors.

Validation Resolution Options


  • Create New Bypass error resolution. For example, if CallFire finds a duplicate number or contact, in will create a new (second) entry.
  • Merge Resolve error by overwriting existing contact information with the more recent.

  • Scrub Resolve error by removing contact.
Column Mapping/Unrecognized Columns (Only applies to mapping errors)
  • Name manually View a snapshot of your Excel upload and indicate which column contains the phone numbers you want to call
  • Use defaults Have the system search for the default column: homePhone

Validation Steps

  • Mapping/Unrecognized Columns: System unable to determine which phone number to call
  • Multiple Rows with the Same Number: The same number found associated with several contacts
  • Contains International Numbers: Support for US and Canada only
  • Invalid Numbers: Non existent area code, non existent number
  • Do Not Call Numbers: Numbers on your CallFire DNC list
  • Duplicate Numbers in Campaign: Duplicate numbers detected
  • Existing Contacts: Contacts already saved in your All Contacts Library

  • Terms of Service: Required to complete process

CallFire strongly recommends these choices as best practices:
  • Manually resolve any mapping/unrecognized column errors. Verify the exact numbers you want to call.
  • Merge existing contacts. You don't need two copies of the same person in your All Contacts Library.
  • Scrub all other numbers, especially duplicate numbers.

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