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Select Sounds


There are four possible sound options in a Voice Broadcast campaign. If a sound is Enabled, you must customize it. You may disable sounds you do not wish to use.

Click Enable to disable a sound. Click Disabled to enable it.

Live Answer and Answering Machine Sounds

Select your Live Answer and Answering Machine sounds. You can upload a customized sound file, use the text to speech engine, or make a recording over the phone. Instructions about this step are located in the Sound Library section.

  • Keep in mind that if you would like to offer the option of being transferred to a live representative and/or of being added to the Do Not Call list by pressing a digit, you need to mention that in the Live Answer message.

Transfer Sound

Choose the Transfer Digit that recipients should press to be transferred. 

In the Transfer Number field, type in the phone number to which calls will be transferred.

You can also set a Max Transfer rate, which is the maximum number of transfers you want to receive at one time. For example, if you enter "2," CallFire will pause calling in your campaign if two people choose to transfer to you at the same time. Calls will resume when one of the two hangs up.

Select your transfer message. This should be something like, "Thank you. We are transferring you now."

Do Not Call Sound

If the Do Not Call option is enabled, then the Live Answer message should indicate the digit a person can press to be placed on your Do Not Call list. This number is designated by selecting a number from the DNC Digit pulldown menu, and is set to 8 by default.

Select a message that plays if the designated Do Not Call digit is pressed. In the message, you should acknowledge the choice and assure recipients that they have been indeed placed on the list.

Send Test Call

Enter a phone number and CallFire will send you a test call. Please remember to say "hello" to trigger the Live Answer message.

The first time you choose this option, you will be prompted to confirm the legitimacy of the number you are entering. This is known as Verifying your Caller ID. The system will ask you to enter your phone number, and will then call you with a code that you enter into the verification box. You only need to do this once for each phone number that you register as a Caller ID.


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