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Purchase Numbers


Phone numbers, unless acquired from a billing plan or as part of a promotional offer, are normally purchased with a credit card. At this time, you cannot use CallFire credits to buy them. 

In the main menu, click the Numbers link, and then the Buy Numbers link. This will display the Purchase page.

Search for Numbers

The view defaults to the local number search. Enter an area code, and an optional three-digit prefix, and click Search. The system will return a list of available phone numbers. You can also search by ZIP code or city name. If you are interested in a toll-free number, click that tab to view the current inventory. Please note that CallFire does not offer vanity numbers. Click on the green + icon to select a number for purchase, and on the red - icon to deselect it.

Buy in Bulk

If you are looking for dozens, or even thousands of numbers, check the Bulk Order option instead. Click a predetermined amount or enter a custom amount. 

Complete Purchase

When you are ready to purchase, click the Purchase button. You will be asked to enter your credit card information, or, if you have a saved card already in the system, you can select it as your payment method. Once you click to confirm your purchase, please be patient as the system processes your order. The order status will move from Processing to Finished once it has completed.

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