CallFire Solutions

Work with the Sound Library


Access the Sound Library by hovering your mouse over your name in the upper right, and clicking on Settings. The Sounds link is to the left.

CallFire supports two kinds of sound files: .wav and .mp3 formats. All .wav files must be 8000 hz, 16 bit (or more), and mono; sound files whose quality exceeds these specifications cannot be uploaded. The format for .mp3 files is unspecified, as CallFire will convert these file types to .wav.

Create a New Sound

Clicking New Sound (in the Library) or Create a New Message (in a campaign) opens the Create a Message box.

Upload an Audio File


Choose a previously recorded file from your computer and upload it to CallFire.

Record via Phone


With this option, you will be prompted to enter your phone number. When you receive the call from CallFire, follow the prompts to record your message over the phone.  

Text to Speech


Type the message you want the text to speech app to read, and specify a Voice (i.e., male, female, or Spanish). Click Play to preview the message, and Accept to save it.

Manage Existing Sounds


Check the box of the sound you want to remove, and click Delete to remove it from your library. (Note: this action is permanent.)


Click the name of a sound to enter a new name.


Click the icon under the Labels column to add a label to your sound.

Play/Download Sound

Click the play icon (right arrow) or the download icon (down arrow) to listen to your sound.

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  • Avatar
    Kathleen Browder

    I have a wav file that will not upload. I have no idea how many hz it is, if it is 16bit, or if its mono or not. Any help with that?

  • Avatar
    Jeff Spisak

    Hi, please send the file to and we can convert it for you. There are also some free conversion apps out there (Audacity, for example), but we will gladly convert it for you.