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Select Contacts


CallFire offers four options to select your contacts.


CallFire accepts files in these formats: .csv, .xls(x), and .txt. You can upload any file that does not exceed 10 MB. 

Choose Lists

This is for users who have already uploaded one or more lists into the system. The lists are housed on your account's Contact Lists page. 

Add Contacts

This opens the Create / Select Contact(s) screen. Choose existing contacts to add to your campaign by clicking the green + icon. Each contact you select will move to the right under Selected Contacts. Click the red - icon to remove a contact from your list of selected choices. If you need to add a new contact, click the Create Contact button. The Add a Single Contact box appears for you to add the appropriate information.


This allows you to create a new "batch," or list of contacts, from previous outbound campaigns or from phone numbers gathered from responses to Call Tracking, Text Broadcast, and Keyword campaigns. Choosing this option takes you to the Filter box, where you can create a new batch of contacts by filtering those contacts you want to reach. Select the previously-run campaign, and specify which contacts you want to call again (all, the No Answers, the Busy signals, etc.). In the lower portion of the box, give your list an appropriate name or leave the default.

Regardless of the option you choose, the system will automatically begin the process of Validating Contacts in order to ensure that the numbers are valid.

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