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Create an IVR


When you click create IVR, the default view is the IVR Designer workspace. This is an interactive page. You can drag icons from the Basic and Advanced tabs into the workspace where you manipulate and configure them. As you do, CallFire writes XML code for you.

Click here for help:

  • Show XML Editor Toggle the view between the Designer and the XML Editor. On the Editor screen, you must enter actual XML code; there are no icons to drag and drop.
  • Save IVR Save the IVR you are currently constructing. You can only save one version of your IVR. Each time you click on Save IVR, you will be saving the current version of your IVR, and this will overwrite any previous versions.
  • Load IVR Load a previously-saved IVR.
  • Build it for me Request a CallFire IVR specialist to create your IVR. Please be as specific as possible. 
  • Send Test Call Enter a phone number and CallFire will send you a test call. 

The first time you choose this option, you will be prompted to confirm the legitimacy of the number you are entering. This is known as Verifying your Caller ID. The system will ask you to enter your phone number, and will then call you with a code that you enter into the verification box. You only need to do this once for each phone number that you register as a Caller ID.


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