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getBroadcastStats only shows disposition stats identified in campaigns



After running a campaign, the Callfire UI shows that a number, 2135551234, has a status "Opted Out."

When I run the API getBroadcastStats, it returns this for 2135551234:

broadcast ID: 9999999999999
stdClass Object
[UsageStats] => stdClass Object
[Duration] => 0
[BilledDuration] => 0
[BilledAmount] => 0
[Attempts] => 0
[Actions] => 0


Shouldn't I see the "Opted Out" status when I execute getBroadcastStats?



No. "Opted Out" stats are not shown because getBroadcastStats only shows the stats for dispositions that were identified in the campaigns. 

For example, run a test campaign and choose to be put on the DNC list. Then run getBroadcastStats:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<r:Resource xmlns="" xmlns:r="">

Now, your result is DNC (Do Not Call), which is the equivalent of someone who "opted out."

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