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Configure Auto Replies


CallFire allows you to set up auto reply messages for your Keywords. You can set a general auto reply for anyone who texts the Keyword, and/or include a trigger word, so that the auto reply would be sent only to those who text the trigger word.

Start by clicking the Numbers link in the top menu. Then click Keywords, and finally on the Keyword for which you want to configure an auto reply. The Auto Replies tab link is on that page. Click it to start the process.

General Auto Reply

In the popup window that opens, enter your message, and click Create.

Additional Trigger

You can also include one or more additional triggers. People who text your Keyword will only get the auto reply if they include the trigger message in their text to you.

The Match column on the Keywords page will indicate if the auto reply is set for all texts, or only texts with the trigger message.

Opt Out

Include instructions on opting out of receiving text messages. You can enter these yourself, or you can check the "Add default opt out text" option, and CallFire will add the default message. However, you must remind recipients to include the actual Keyword in the opt out message. For example, an opt out message may read:

"Reply stop [your keyword here] to opt out."

It is important to include the actual Keyword in your message because if a customer replies "Stop" without including the Keyword, he will have unsubscribed from the entire shared CallFire short code.

Strict legal requirements govern mass text messaging. You must offer recipients the chance to unsubscribe from future contact. CallFire is not a legal firm and is not authorized to dispense legal advice. You may want to contact an attorney if you have further legal questions.

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