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Understand Campaign Statistics and Dispositions


Click on Campaigns in the top menu bar to bring up a list of all your activity.

Clicking on a campaign name brings up your Summary page.

The Summary page displays campaign activity (start and stop times), any active calls (running campaigns only), and a geographic representation of where your calls went.

You will also find a complete list of call dispositions. Your disposition categories will vary depending on the options you chose when configuring your campaign.

Call Disposition Definitions

  • All Circuits Busy All lines were busy while attempting to make the call.
  • Answering Machine The call went to an answering machine or voicemail.
  • Busy The line was busy.
  • Carrier Error The local telephone carrier is temporarily overloaded, or a high dialing speed to a certain location is causing the telecom provider to reject calls, or the phone number is disconnected.
  • Cost The total cost for all calls in your campaign.
  • Cost per Transfer Cost divided by initial transfer. This is intended to show the return on investment of outbound calls. It does not represent the charges for the transferred calls. In our example, a transfer was received for every 105.3524 credits spent.
  • Do Not Call The phone number is on your Do Not Call list
  • Initial Transfer* The person you called initiated a transfer.
  • In Progress The campaign has been started and your numbers are being dialed, but there are no definitive results yet.
  • Invalid The area code and prefix combination does not exist in the CallFire database.
  • Live Answer The call was answered and detected to be a person. If answering machine detection is turned off, all connected calls are live answer.
  • No Answer The call was placed, but there was no answer from the receiving party.
  • Not Dialed The phone number was not dialed (insufficient credits, the number is outside of your time-zone designation, etc.).
  • Ready The number is in queue and ready to be dialed.
  • Received Transfer* The transfer was received by your designated transfer number.
  • Rejected The call was not connected because all available carriers refused to accept it.
  • System Error There was an internal system error. Please contact CallFire Support for more details.
  • Timeout The system could not process your request. Please contact CallFire Support for more details.
  • Transfer Rate The number of initial transfers divided by the number of live answers.

* A transfer disposition means that the person you called was transferred to your transfer number.

Text Disposition Definitions

  • Do Not Text The phone number is on your Do Not Text list. 
  • In Progress The campaign has been started, and your numbers are being texted, but there are no definitive results yet. 
  • Received A reply to your text was received.
  • Sent The text was sent.
  • Too Big The text message was too long to be sent.
  • Undeliverable The text message was not delivered.
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