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Industry and Legal Standards

Voice and Text broadcast campaigns at CallFire have different requirements for complying with legal and industry standards when it comes to Do Not Contact. Here's a brief overview.

Voice Broadcast Campaigns

Depending upon the purpose of your call and the nature of your organization, the law most likely requires you to offer a Do Not Call option to those who are contacted in your Voice Broadcast campaigns. There are very strict guidelines and potential large penalties for not complying with these requirements. There are also penalties for calling those who have told you they no longer wish to be called, or who are part of the National Do Not Call registry. More information about these requirements can be found at

Text Broadcast Campaigns

As described in the Keywords section of this help documentation, there are strict rules you must follow when you contact people in mass by text. These rules are set by CTIA – The Wireless Association, formerly known as the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association. All carriers, including CallFire, agree to abide by these regulations, and we require that our customers do so as well.

Through CTIA, carriers provide short codes — five- and six-digit numbers — that are shortened versions of traditional phone numbers. These short codes make text communications much faster and easier. In addition, CallFire and other carriers agree to offer receivers of text messages the chance to “opt out” of receiving future text messages. Businesses like yours, who use the mass texting services of carriers such as CallFire, must follow these practices to use our Text Broadcast product.

Managing your DNC

Access your DNC list by clicking the Contacts link in the main menu, and then on the DNC link.

This gives you an overview of all the numbers in your DNC list, including the type (voice or text), as well as the time and date added. You also have the option to remove, add, and export one or more numbers. To remove or export a number, check the appropriate record, and click the action you wish to perform. Click add and follow the prompts to manually import numbers to your DNC. 

CallFire's Universal Do Not Text List

Another time- and money-saving feature for our customers is CallFire's Universal Do Not Text list.

At CallFire, we sometimes receive text messages to our shared short code — 67076 — that include words such as "stop," "end," or "opt out." If our system is unable to determine a specific CallFire customer for whom this message might have been intended, it assumes that someone is telling us that they do not want to receive texts from any of our customers. Thus, that phone number is added to our Universal Do Not Text list.

When you create or resume a Text Broadcast campaign, our system "scrubs," or compares your list of contacts (phone numbers) to your personal Do Not Contact list. At the same time, it scrubs your list against CallFire's Universal Do Not Text list as well, ensuring that you aren't wasting money on texting people who don't want to hear from you.

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