CallFire Solutions

Access the Numbers Page


Clicking Numbers in the main menu bar shows you an overview of all your CallFire Call Tracking numbers.


  • Detailed Report Select one or more numbers for a detailed call report.
  • Export/Share Select one or more numbers and click Export/Share to download call data into Excel.
  • Configure IVR Please refer to the IVR section.
  • Auto-Renew Select one or more numbers to turn the auto-renew on or off.


About Auto-Renewal

By default, all purchased numbers are set to auto-renew each month. This is indicated by the green highlighting around the renewal date. You can cancel the auto-renew and "release" the number, which means that it will disappear from your account on the renewal date. To do this, select the number(s) whose status you wish to change by checking the box, and then click the Configure link. This will allow you to toggle the auto-renew on and off. When the auto-renew is off, the highlighting becomes red. This indicates that the number will expire at the end of its lease.















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