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How to cancel your account?


To cancel your account you will need to take these steps (Please Note: Your CallFire Support Agent (CSM) cannot do this for you):


a. If you have any Call Tracking numbers or Keywords, Auto Renew needs to be changed to “Off.”

b. If you are on a monthly billing plan, you will need to downgrade to the Basic Plan. Any unused credits from your monthly billing plan will expire on your renewal date.  "Anytime credits" purchased with the basic plan will remain in your account for usage until 18th months from the date of purchase.

c. If you have a credit card on file, delete it from payment settings in your account.


Again, your CallFire CSM can help walk you through this process, but he or she cannot do this for you.

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  • Avatar
    Adrienne Clark

    Our unused credits were removed long before 18 months. Why?

  • Avatar
    Sergio Mohar

    SO if im in another country and i cant call how can i cancel ???

  • Avatar
    Andrew MacDonald

    So... where does it say how to actually CANCEL THE ACCOUNT?

  • Avatar
    Thomas Moore

    This doesn't exactly cancel my account. I'd likely to completely purge my account.

  • Avatar
    sue pommachack

    once you sign up I don't think you can cancel your account. Its not even have a place to cancel.