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Configure Advanced Options


The advanced options page allows you to fine tune your settings.


  • Allow agents to transfer to any number Check this option if you would like agents to enter a number manually for the transfer. They will be able to choose the number
  • Specify a transfer number Enter a descriptive name and a predefined transfer number, and click the Transfer Number box. This will create a static option for agents: they will be able to click on the transfer name during the call, but they will not have the option to enter a number manually. You can enter more than one transfer option, for example: Sales, Support, and Supervisor.
  • Allow assisted transfer for this number Check this option to allow a warm transfer. This will allow your agent to accompany the contact during the transfer.


  • Local Time Dialing Restrictions Click the box, then select the hours during which you want calls made from the drop-down menus. No calls will be made outside of this window.
  • Automatic Retry Decide whether or not you want the system to retry numbers it didn't reach the first time. Designate the number of retries, the length between them, and which dispositions you want to retry.

Smart Drop

The Smart Drop feature allows you to upload a prerecorded message that you can automatically leave should you encounter a voicemail or answering machine. If you select this option, you will need to choose a sound file from your library. If you do not yet have one, you will have the option to record a new message.

Start or Schedule

To begin your campaign, click Start Now. To schedule it for a future date, click Set Schedule and choose when you would like the campaign to run. Note that when a Cloud Call Center campaign is running, it does not mean that calls are being made. It only means that agents are able to log in. Calls to contacts can only occur when an agent is logged in. 

Save Changes

Do not forget to click the green Save button at the bottom of the screen.

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