CallFire Solutions

The Agent Portal



Logging In

Access your account by using the Log In button at the top of the CallFire home page. Do not click on the Agents link -- that is for our legacy product.



On the next page, you may see more than one account option. If you are working as an agent, you want to click on the email address of the person who invited you to be an agent. Some people are agents for multiple companies, so they have several possible accounts to log into.


On the next screen, you will see a listing of all the campaigns to which you have been invited. Locate the campaign that you want to join and click the Join Campaign button.

CallFire’s system will call your phone and connect you to your session. Do not hang up your phone -- maintain this connection. You will click Hang Up/Next Call on your screen to move between calls.



Making Calls

After you have received the call from CallFire and connected to our system, click the Begin Dialing button when you are ready to make your first call. You may also preview a script and any disposition questions that have been included.

As CallFire is calling, you will see the agent dashboard. The information that displays on this dashboard will vary depending on the settings that the campaign creator has chosen. Generally, you will see the name and phone number of the person you are calling. 




If the account owner has enabled transfers, you will see one or more options available to transfer your contact to another number. The options will either include a free-form transfer (allowing you to enter any number), or a predefined phone number.

  • Free-form transfer Enter any 10-digit phone number, and click Transfer. You can then continue with the calling campaign.
  • Transfer to agent Click the name of the agent that the account holder has predefined, and click Transfer Now.
  • Assisted Transfer Click this option (if enabled) if you would like to accompany the contact during the transfer. You will both be transferred to the transfer number. Then, at any time, you can hang up and resume dialing. The contact that you transferred will remain on the transferred call.



Add to Do Not Call or Schedule Call Back

While you are on a call, you can click the Add to DNC button to put the contact's phone number onto the Do Not Call list. The number will automatically be removed from future calling campaigns.

Use the Schedule Callback option to set up an email reminder to call the contact back at some time in the future. The email will be sent to the address associated with your account.



Using Smart Drop

The Smart Drop is a prerecorded message that you can leave if you encounter an answering machine. If this feature has been enabled, you will see the icon in the upper right. Clicking the Smart Drop button will have the system leave the prerecorded message automatically. You can then click Next Call.



Changing Settings

There is a Settings icon at the bottom of your page. Click this icon to see an expanded menu where you can edit your account information, phone number, and hold music.



Logging Out

When there are no more contacts for you to call, the system will prompt you to end your session.

If you would like to end your session at any time, click the End Session icon in the lower right.

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