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What are credits?


Credits are paperless vouchers that you purchase and which facilitate the transmission of the CallFire services selected by you. The chosen route, as well as the destination of a message or broadcast, causes the amount of credits required either to increase or decrease. Rates are documented on the Pricing Page of our CallFire sites. The submission of a seemingly-valid message or broadcast will cause an associated quantity of credits to be debited from your account, and you can obtain the real-time status of your account at any time through the online interface.

The ratio of dollars to credits will depend on your pricing plan. You can view the current ratio on your Plan Details page.

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    Karen Greenstein

    I found this very helpful

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    Jonah Story

    I can't locate the "Plan Details" page this article mentions. Where is it?

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    Morgan Roberts

    I also cannot locate the Plan details page.