CallFire Solutions

Add Agents


There are three ways to add agents to your calling campaigns.

  • Choose existing available agents Simply click on name of any previously invited agents that appear in the Available agents box.
  • Copy and Paste/Upload Enter one or more email addresses manually into the box provided, or upload an Excel file of email addresses. CallFire will send out a registration link to each agent, with instructions on how to create an account.
  • Share a link If you aren't sure which agents you want yet, you can copy and paste the unique URL that appears in the blue box. When you are ready, send that link to your agents. They will be able to click on it and complete their registration.


Save as Group With this option, you can enter a group name for all of the agents you are inviting (for example, Evening Political Callers). In the future, you can select the group of agents, instead of having to add each one individually.   

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