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Import SalesForce Contacts


CallFire currently supports importing contacts from SalesForce.  You can import all of your contacts, or specific list of contacts.  If you wish to import only selected contacts, you must first create a SalesForce report to capture them.  Please make sure that you include both contact ID and a phone number in the report, or CallFire will be unable to upload your list.

To begin, navigate to Contact Lists, and click the Import List option.

Choose the SalesForce option.

Select whether to import all of your contacts, or an existing report.

Please make sure that your choice of import respects the criteria required by CallFire.

CallFire will add the first and last name, and the phone number of each contact.  Click on the option to import additional fields if you would like to include other information captured in your instance of SalesForce.  Click Set contact detail names if you are satisfied with the three preselected options.

If you choose to import additional fields, you will be able to choose from a list of your unique fields in SalesForce.  After you have selected the fields, CallFire allows you to rename them.  To do this, click the option to customize the field name, and choose Custom.  In the example below, we have chosen Custom, and have then entered the word Email, because we want to import the contacts' email addresses.

Next, give your list a name for future reference.

After you click Import, you will need to check your email inbox for the confirmation message.

Finally, click the Validate link in your email to confirm your import. More information about this process can be found on the Validate Contacts page.

Syncing Results back to SalesForce

CallFire will automatically sync Voice Broadcast and CCC campaign results for each contact, back to SalesForce. This takes place daily at midnight local time. Text Broadcast data does not sync.


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