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Appointment Reminder



A personalized and individualized outbound messaging service that confirms a previously-set appointment date and time. The service can read text data from uploaded contact information, such as customer name, appointment date and/or time, and appointment location.

Responses might include pressing a key to confirm, cancel, or transfer the call to an agent to reschedule.


“Hello, this call is for James Ryan. James, you have an appointment with Dr. Flanagan at 11:30 this Friday. Please press 1 to confirm your appointment, or press 2 to reschedule.”

Use Cases

Health Care -- Doctors, dentists, mental health counselors, clinics

Fitness -- Gyms, yoga studios, fitness trainers

Finance -- Credit counselors, mortgage brokers, accountants, tax preparers

Real Estate -- Agent appointments, closing reminders

Insurance -- Policy renewal appointment

XML Coding for Sample Appointment Reminder

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