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Delivery Notification



Business reminder/notification script templates can be created that include customer-specific data, i.e., date and time of delivery, or type of delivery. Some delivery notifications may actually include a sales component such as when a pharmacy schedules a medication renewal and delivery that requires confirmation that it is being requested.


“Your delivery is scheduled for Friday at 3 PM. Press 1 to confirm you’ll be available. Press 2 to reschedule your delivery.” Note: The date and time are uploaded with the contacts data.

Use Cases

Any business in any industry can create personalized reminders or notifications that provide real value to their customers.

Pharmacy-Specific Use Case

"Your pharmacy order of 200 Trivarstatin is ready. Press one to confirm this order and schedule it for delivery on Friday."

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

XML Coding for Delivery Notification Sample 1

XML Coding for Delivery Notification Sample 2

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