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It provides operations for creating and managing CallFire subscriptions, which listen for account events. CallFire account events, such as TextSent or CallFinished, can be listened for (subscribed to) by registering a postback URI endpoint, either an email address or web service URL, that CallFire can publish the event information to. The Subscription service is used for registering and managing those postback URI endpoints.

A typical use case would be for determining the status of a SendText request which is an asynchronous operation. The status of the Text can be obtained either by polling the GetText / QueryText operations (pull strategy) or more efficiently by registering with Subscription Service a postback internet endpoint URL for receiving 'textsent' and 'textfinished' events.

It currently supports TextSent, TextFinished, CallFinished, and CampaignFinished events.


Creates a new subscription for CallFire event notifications The CreateSubscription operation registers a URI endpoint to start receiving CallFire notification events on. It returns the subscriptionId that can be used later to query, update, or delete the subscription. The subscriptionId is also returned as part of all notification events as 'subscriptionId'.

You need to provide a URI endpoint in order to handle the HTTP notification events coming from


Get a list of registered subscriptions This operation returns a list of all subscriptions registered to an account. The information returned include id, enabled, endpoint, filter, and more.


Gets an existing individual subscription by id This operation returns a subscription registered to an account using subscriptionId, which in turn is returned from a CreateSubscription request. Data returned include id, enabled, endpoint, filter, etc.


Updates an existing subscription This operation updates an existing subscription by id.

Use this operation to enable or disable notification events, change the notification endpoint URI, or change the filtering so that it only receives notifications for a subset of events.


Deletes a subscription by ID This operation deletes a subscription to stop receiving CallFire notification events at the registered URI. postback endpoint.

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