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This set of operations allows buying and configuring numbers and keywords. using the number service you can find and provision toll-free and local numbers and keywords. To acquire a number or keyword you need to first search for available inventory using either SearchAvailableNumbers or SearchAvailableKeywords. Then provision the desired assets using the CreateNumberOrder operation.


Queries regions for use in subsequent searches and purchase requests This operation allows to run a query to get the information for a region, including: phone number prefixes for the city you entered, rate-centers, and more. For example, if you know the city of interest, you can query for phone number prefixes, rate-centers and other parameters associated with that city.


Lists numbers owned by your account This operation allows searching for numbers already purchased and in your account. You can query by region, filtering the data by parameters such as prefix, city, state, zipcode, and rate center, among others. Ir returns information about the numbers in your account, including status, lease information, configuration, etc.


Get information about a single number owned by your account Using this operation you can select a number already purchased and in your account, using the 11 digit E.164 format. It returns information about that number including status, lease information, configuration, and more.


Configure a number owned by your account This operation allows updating a number configuration, such as ENABLE / DISABLE or turn call recording on. It uses the 11 diget E.164 format to select a number. No response is returned.


Search for new numbers that are available for purchase Use this operation to find numbers available for purchase using either TollFree = true or by region information. To search by region you need to specify some parameters including the prefix, city, zipcode, among others. The maximum count of numbers to return must also be specified.


Lists keywords owned by your account This operations returns information about your keywords, including status and lease dates.


Search for keywords available for purchase Using this operation you can supply a list of keywords to see whether or not they are available for purchase. If a keyword is available for purchase it will be returned in result.

You can purchase available keywords using CreateNumberOrder.


Order new numbers and/or keywords You can purchase numbers and keywords by creating a number order that includes a list of numbers and/or a list of keywords. You can also include region information and specify whether you need toll-free numbers or not. The OrderId is returned from request.

Creating a number order is an asynchronous process. The returned orderId can be used in a GetNumberOrder request to see the status of the order. However, there is no guarantee the order will be finished by the time GetNumberOrder is called therefore the GetNumberOrder operation must be polled (no more than once a second) until the order is in a terminal state (FINISHED or ERRORED).

The recommended way to determine if an order is finished is not to poll but to use a Postback. See SubscriptionService for information on registering a postback using subscriptions.


Get the status and results of a previous order This operation returns information on the order status, cost, and assets acquired.

Since CreateNumberOrder is an asynchronous process, the GetNumberOrder operation may need to be polled for up to 20 seconds at a rate of no more than once per second to determine when the order is in a terminal state of FINISHED or ERRORED. An Order will be in 'PROCESSING' status until is finished.


Disable auto-renew for a number or keyword CallFire's system automatically "renews" your numbers and keywords each month and bills you accordingly. When you no longer need a number or keyword, you can easily 'Release' it and stop your recurring monthly charge.

Once you release a keyword, you will not be able to repurchase it for a month after the release becomes effective. For example, if your keyword is slated to auto-renew for another month on April 29th, and you release it on April 15th, you will still be able to use it until April 29th. However, you will not be able to repurchase it until May 29th. Thus, please be sure of your decision before releasing.

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