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Core Details


The numbers endpoint of the API provides a wide array of functionality for working with both numbers and keywords. With the endpoint you can search, order, configure, and release numbers and keywords on a user account, amongst a range of other supplemental functionality which is essential to finding information required to be sent with these calls.


All requests to the CallFire API require authentication. To do so, you need to send Basic HTTP authentication credentials, including a username and password. This will require an account to be created and an application registered via which login and password credentials will have been provided.

To get started quickly, check out the phone number provisioning how-to for the 5-minute guide to getting access credentials.

HTTP Response Codes

The following HTTP status codes are used with this endpoint.

Status CodeMeaning
204 The operation succeeded.
400 The operation failed. Further details are available in the XML payload message element.
404 The operation failed.


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