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This could include both inbound campaigns routing calls according to caller-specific information, or outbound warning campaigns that could include routing to provide further specific information. Generally keypresses used in this context lead to recordings of more specific information.Sample Inbound Hotline


“Hi, thank you for calling the Ventura County Fire Hotline. For the Oxnard Fire, press 1. For the Conejo Fire, press 2. For general evacuation information, press 3. For volunteer services, press 4.”


“Hi, this is an Emergency Warning Notification from Marty’s Independent Insurance Agency. There will be a category 3 storm heading into our area this weekend. It is currently expected to arrive around 9 PM on Friday. For information on preparing your home for this storm, press 1. For a list of emergency shelters, press 2. To be transferred to the county emergency services line, press 3. To report a loss from the storm and begin the claim process, press 4.”

Use Cases

Municipalities -- Cities, towns, counties, etc. for early warning and during-disaster call-routing

Schools -- K-12, community colleges, universities for any kinds of warnings, from weather to emergency closings to threats

Businesses -- Emergency notifications to key employees, weather shutdown notifications to all employees

Utilities -- Emergency call-ups of repair and service restoration crews, public information lines

XML Coding for Sample Emergency Info Hotline

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