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Import Zoho Contacts


CallFire currently supports importing contacts from Zoho.

To begin, navigate to Contact Lists, and click the Import List option.

Click the Zoho option.  If this is your first time, you will be prompted to enter your username and password for your Zoho account.

On the next page, choose the fields that you would like to import. Please note that you should map the phone number you wish CallFire to dial to the Home Phone field in your CallFire account. Click the green button 'Set contact detail names' to continue.

Name your list, and click the 'Import' button to continue.

After the process has completed, you will see your imported list.  You can now add this list to any of your campaigns during the Add Contacts step!

Syncing Results back to Zoho

CallFire will automatically sync campaign results for each contact back to Zoho. This takes place daily at midnight local time.

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