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This set of operations allows sending and receiving text messages and managing auto-replies.

The operations defined here should be preferred over BroadcastService methods when appropriate, since the TextService operations are more concise and selective in the input parameters.


Send text message and return broadcastId Sending a text message requires at least a toNumber and a message. SendText starts a text campaign and returns the broadcastId if the campaign has been successfully started. The returned broadcastId can be passed to QueryTexts to get the state of text messages in a campaign and get the list of individual textIds for use in GetText calls. The broadcastId can also be passed to GetBroadcastStats to get information about the text campaign, such as BilledAmount, Duration and State among others.

The industry standard for number of characters per text message is limited to 160 characters or less. If the message is over 160 characters then a BigMessageStrategy should be selected in the TextBroadcastConfig.


List sent and received text messages This operation queries for text messages using standard ActionQuery which filters on batchId, broadcastId, toNumber, etc. It returns a list of text messages and all associated information. See GetText if you need to get just a single text action by id.


Gets a text message by id This operation returns an individual text message. See QueryTexts to return a list of text messages and to get individual textIds.

The general usage is to start a text campaign using SendText, then to pass the returned broadcastId to QueryTexts to get the textIds of the text messages created. The GetText can then be called with a unique textId to get information and state of the text message.


Configures a new autoreply This operation creates and configures a new autoreply message for an existing id.

Autoreplys are text message replys that are sent to a customer when a customer replys to a text message from a campaign. You will need to purchase a keyword before an Autoreply can be created.


Lists configured autoreplies This operation queries for autoreplies using an optional number.


Gets an autoreply by id This operation returns an autoreply by id or an error if it doesn't exist.


Deletes an autoreply by id* This operation deletes an autoreply by id if exists. Returns error if doesn't exist

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