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Delete Auto Reply



This method deletes an auto-reply by Id, if it exists. Returns error if doesn't exist.

Request Parameters

ParameterDemo ValueDescriptionData Type
DeleteAutoReply   Delete AutoReply identified by unique ID object
Id Unique ID of resource long

Responses Status Codes

200, success

The request has been finished successfully.

400, bad request

This error code has a lot of possible causes, such as an account error, or an incorrect parameter. First of all, check that all parameters have the correct data or data type. If the error persists, contact CallFire support.

401, not authorized

The username or password has some error. Perhaps the login has expired. Make sure that you valid account.

404, not found

The ID or Number that you are trying to edit or get was not found; you should check to see if it is correct.

500, internal error

This error is not caused by the user, but is CallFire's. Please contact support.

Example: DeleteAutoReply

using RestSharp;

namespace [your-namespace]
    public class [your-class]
        public string DeleteAutoReply()
            long autoReplyId = 3; // Your AutoReply Id here

            var client = new RestClient("");
            client.Authenticator = new HttpBasicAuthenticator("YourLoginId", "password");

            var request = new RestRequest(string.Format("text/auto-reply/{0}", autoReplyId), Method.DELETE);

            var response = client.Execute(request);
            string content = response.Content;
            return content;

The response code returned is:


Which means that the Auto-Reply Message has been deleted successfully.

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