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Article 2: Naming Variables


When naming variables, try to follow standard programming rules. That way, your variables will be usable within any programming language you need to send them to, whether php, .Net, Java, C++, C#, etc. Variables should begin with a letter, and are case-sensitive. Variables cannot have spaces, and many languages do not accept odd characters -- stick with alphanumeric variable names. Other allowable characters include the underscore ( _ ) or the dot ( . ).

There are two main "naming conventions" for multiword variable names. The first is to use underscores in between the words (in both cases, use abbreviations where possible):

"my_first_variable" or "user_app_num" (for "user application number").

The second convention uses run-on words, all lowercase, except capitals for all initial letters, except the first:

"myFirstVariable" or "userAppNum"

In naming the IVR nodes, We at CallFire recommend following variable name standards, combining the two methods, as follows (again, using abbreviations as possible):

nodetype_usefulName (node name, underscore, useful name as run-on word)


menu_Q1 (menu, question 1)



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