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Inbound Phone Tree



Also known as an inbound auto-attendant, this is an automated answering service, usually offering several levels of call-routing. Initial routing might be to the department level, with sub-routing to sub-departments or even individuals. Extensions can be set up for individuals as well.


“Thank you for calling Joe’s Vintage Guitars. Please press 1 for sales, or 2 for service. Or press 3 to leave a message.”

[If Press 2] “You have reached the service department. Please press 1 for guitar or other instrument repair. Press 2 for amplifier or other electronic repair. Press 3 to leave a message.”

Use Cases

Any industry, any small business. This is particularly effective for small businesses just starting out that wish to appear to have a larger organization.

XML Coding for Sample Inbound Phone Tree

Optional XML Coding for Multiple Transfers

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