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Using Cloud Call Center


Getting Started

Once logged into your Admin account, click Call Center on the left menu, and then click the New Campaign.

There are two required steps: adding contacts and specifying a caller ID.

You have three options for entering your contacts: uploading a list, choosing from an existing list, or filtering from a previously used list.

  • Upload a List: Use this option to upload your spreadsheet of contacts. Ensure your spreadsheet is saved as a .xls, .xlsx, or .csv file.
  • Choose Existing List: Choose a list previously uploaded and saved to the Contact Lists section of your CallFire account.
  • Filter Previous List: Filter contacts from a previous campaign’s call results.

If you have not yet verified your Caller ID, CallFire will send a call to the number you have entered in order to verify that you own that number. You will receive a verification code over the phone, which you’ll then be prompted to enter in the CallFire system.

You have the option of naming your campaign something unique. To do so, click the pencil icon next to the default name in dark blue at the top of your screen (e.g. CCC Campaign 2/13/26).

Click Continue, and that’s it! Your campaign has been created successfully.

You can now click Start Making Calls to connect to the dialer and begin making calls.

Use the boxes at the bottom to incorporate optional customized campaign settings.

Add Script

You may enter an optional call script on this page. This will be visible to your agents when they are connected to a contact.

Add Agents

There are three ways to add agents to your calling campaigns.

  • Don’t have agent contact info yet? If you aren't yet sure which agents you want to include in your campaign, you can copy and paste the unique URL that appears in the blue box. When you are ready to invite agents, send them that link. They will be able to click on the link and complete their registration.
  • Invite New Agents: Manually enter one or more email addresses in the box provided, or upload an Excel file of email addresses. CallFire will send a registration link to each agent, with instructions on how to create an account.
  • Invite Existing Agents: Simply click on the names of any previously invited agents that appear in the Available Agents box.

Add Survey

The survey section allows you to create a series of questions that your agents can ask while on a call. It's an excellent way to uniformly gather and analyze data. There are currently three types of survey questions:

  • Text: This is a block of free-form text. You can enter any text you’d like in this field.
  • Multiple Choice: This option allows you to create a question and a set of possible responses. The responses become checkboxes that agents can select. For example, you could use this question type to ask, "Are you going to vote this year?" Possible responses would include Yes, No, or Undecided.
  • Number: This option allows agents to enter a number response only.

Click the Question button to add questions, and the Remove button to delete them.

Add Transfers

To allow your agents to transfer a live call to an external representative:

  • Specify a preset transfer number: Enter a descriptive name and a predefined transfer number and click Add. This will create a static option for agents: they will be able to click on the transfer name during the call, but will not be able to enter a number manually. You can also enter multiple transfer options, like Sales, Support, and Supervisor.
  • Allow agents to transfer to any number: Check this option if you would like agents to enter a number manually for the transfer. They will be able to specify the number.
  • Assisted Transfer: Check this option for a warm transfer, which allows your agent to accompany the contact during the transfer.

Add Smart Drop

The Smart Drop feature allows you to specify a prerecorded message to automatically leave should you encounter voicemail or an answering machine. If you select this option, you will be prompted to choose a sound file from your library. If you do not yet have a sound file or would like to use a new sound file, you can create one.

Tip: The most commonly used sound file creation option is "Dial In to Record," by which you can record a message by speaking into your phone and save it directly to your account.

Add Advanced Options

  • Record all Calls: Check this box if you want to record the conversations made through this campaign.
  • Skip Next Call: This feature allows agents to skip a call before it is dialed. Skip Next Call cannot be enabled with multi-line dialing.
  • Multi-line dialing: Allow dialing up to four contacts simultaneously.
  • Number of Rings: The system will wait the number of rings you select before assigning a “No Answer” call result.
  • Local Time Dialing Restrictions: If you want to restrict the times of day that calls are made, click the box and select the timeframe during which you want to allow calls. No calls will be made outside this window.
  • Automatic Retry: Determine whether or not you want the system to retry numbers it didn't reach the first time. Designate the number of retries you’d like to allow, the length between those retries, and the call dispositions for which you want retries conducted.
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