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Add Contacts: Upload a File

Drag to upload or Choose a file are the most commonly used methods to Add Contacts to your Broadcast or Call Center Campaign.
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How do I?

Drag to upload

Open a file explorer window on your computer, then click and drag your selected Excel or .csv file over to the box displayed in your CallFire window.

Choose a file

Click "Choose a file" and select a file (XLS, XLSX, or CSV) from the pop-up file explorer window.

Uploading a list using either of these options allows you to include additional contact data such as name and address, along with phone numbers.

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Confirm default mapping

You may be prompted to select a title for each column. HINT: The contact number to be dialed by CallFire should be identified "Home Phone"

  • Verify the first name, last name, and phone are correctly identified. It is not required to map additional columns; "Default" is acceptable.
  • The option to select "Automatically name columns next time" is NOT recommended

When your contact selection is complete, click "Complete Upload", then click "Continue". The system will validate your list, according to your account list validation settings

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