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Voice Broadcast Overview

The broadcast Overview provides an aggregated summary of your broadcast dispositions.

The most common call disposition statuses are summarized above the Call Distribution map. For a complete list, visit Understand Campaign Statistics and Dispositions in our help documentation.

What do the numbers displayed in the status boxes mean?

Shows how many account credits have been consumed for the broadcast

Transfer Rate

Percentage of live contacts transferred (if transfer is enabled in the broadcast settings)

Credits / Transfer

Average of credits consumed by calls hosted for transferred contacts

Live Answer

The dialed line was answered by a live person and the designated Live Answer sound was played. 

Answering Machine

The dialed line connected to an answering machine and the designated Answering Machine sound was played.


The dialed line resulted in a busy signal.

Do Not Call

The contact requested to be added to your Do Not Call list using the enabled Do Not Call feature

Initial Transfer

The contact initiated a Transfer request using the enabled transfer feature.

No Answer

The line dialed was not answered.

Received Transfer

The Initial Transfer was completed and successfully connected the contact to the transfer recipient.

Carrier Error

The contact phone number was not in service, or the local telephone carrier was temporarily overloaded or rejecting calls due to high call volume.

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Your overview also provides a graphical summary of additional detail regarding your broadcast.

"Call Distribution" maps the concentration of calls across a geographic region.

The count of calls to each area is shown in boxes. To refine the distribution based on call disposition, check the box next to the distribution(s) you want displayed, then click "Filter".

"Recent Activity" indicates when the broadcast was created and when it finished. 
"Active Calls" provides a visual display of how many calls are in progress for a running campaign. 

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