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How do I?

Buy Numbers: To purchase a new local or toll-free phone number, click the Buy Numbers button.

Port Numbers: If you currently have a phone number with another carrier that you would like to move to CallFire, you can initiate this process by clicking the Port Numbers button.

Configure Numbers: To begin using your new Call Tracking number, you will need to configure it; select the check box to the left of the number to be configured, then from Actions button, choose Set Up Call Tracking.

Auto-Renewal: To ensure you don’t miss an important call, Phone Numbers auto-renew each month using the credit card saved in your account payment settings. To release your number, cancel the renewal.

  1. Check the box to the left of the number,
  2. Click Configure, and select Auto-Renew / Off.

After auto-renew has been turned off, the renewal date will appear in red, indicating that the number will expire at the end of the current term.

Share call records: Share details of any number with someone who doesn't have access to your account.

  1. Check the box to the left of the phone number
  2. Click "Export/Share".
  3. Click "Share Records".
  4. Copy the link to share access to a dashboard containing call and text records for that number.
  5. To access or delete a share link that you have previously created, click the "Export/Share" button and select "Share Settings". Previously created share links will be listed.
    1. Check the box to the left of an existing share link and click the "Disable" button to deactivate that link.

Transfer Number: If you have configured your number as a call tracking number, the number(s) appearing in the Transfer Number column is the number your calls are set to forward to.

Labels: Labels can help make it easier to identify and group your Phone Numbers for reporting. To add a label:

  1. Click the icon in the Labels column for the number
  2. Type your label(s) into the text box. To add multiple labels to the same number, separate each with a comma.
  3. Click Apply.

Accept Calls / Accept Texts: The Accept Call and Accept Texts columns indicate whether the number is currently accepting calls or texts. The status may appear as pending until the first call or text has been received at the number.

Texts / Calls / Transfer: The values displayed in these columns indicate the total count of associated activities for the phone number. You can view by specific date ranges by setting the date filter in the upper right.

Renewal Date: The renewal date indicates when your next monthly payment for the number will be due. Numbers automatically rebill on a monthly basis. If you have canceled the renewal for your number, the renewal date appears in red, indicating that the number will not renew.


Why does the status for my number show pending?

The status for a new number may appear as pending until the first call or text has been received. Simply call or text your new number to ensure that it works as expected.

Note: it may take up to 48 hours for texting to become active on a number.

Why is my number ringing busy or otherwise not functioning as expected?

  • No credits: A number will ring busy if your account does not have a positive credit balance displayed at the upper right. Click the credit balance shown and Add Credits to purchase credits.
  • Number not configured: You must set up either call forwarding or add an IVR to the number to configure your Call Tracking number<link to Configure Tracking Page> before it will work.
  • Porting: If you have ported your number in from another carrier, the port in may still be in progress. Click Port Requests on the left navigation panel to check status of your port requests.

I want to keep my CallFire phone number, but I want to put it on hold for awhile.

You can stop receiving calls on a number in your Call Details. Click the phone number you want to suspend, and above the Call Summary, click Accepting Calls, then click Stop. Do not turn off your auto-renewal if you want to keep the number for later use.



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