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Billing: Order History

Billing History provides a detailed listing of purchases and renewals for your account.

You can filter Orders by a custom date range using the calendar button to the right.


Characterizes the billing transaction. Depending on purchase date, renewal dates may not align for all account purchases.

  • Monthly Subscription Change: Initial Purchase of a monthly or annual auto-renewing plan.
  • Keyword / Number Purchase: Initial purchase of a Keyword or Phone Number.
  • Monthly Renewal: Renewal of a monthly or annual pricing plan selection, a Phone Number, and/or Keyword.
  • Credit Purchase: Pay-as-You-Go credits.
  • Low Balance Triggered Automatic Payment: Purchase of additional Pay-as-You-Go credits prompted by account settings.

TIP: Click Receipt to view or print a copy of the receipt for your transaction.


The amount charged for the renewal activity.

Credits Used

Credits provided to the account by CallFire, such as Demo credits, would be included here.
Payments for tracking numbers, keywords and credits. Credits Used characterizes the source of the debit of funds from the standing balance.

"Receipt" or "Pay" link

Payment receipts can be viewed and printed. If a payment is due, a blue Pay link will connect the user with the payment screen.

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