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Billing: Payment Settings


Manage credit cards saved to your account for purchases and renewal payments. 

It is recommended to keep a second card stored to your account in case there is a processing failure on your Preferred card.

  • Automatic renewals of Keywords, Phone Numbers, and Monthly plans are charged to the payment set as “Preferred” by default.
  • If you have created a Low Balance Auto-Payments, it will also default to your Preferred payment method.

How do I?

Add another payment credit card to my account:
  1. Click add credit card.
  2. Complete the form with the required billing information.
  3. Click Save Card.
Set my preferred billing method:
  1. Hover your mouse over the card you want to set as preferred
  2. Click the set preferred link that appears.
Edit a credit card saved to my account:
  1. Click the edit link
  2. Re-enter the card number and cvv code.
  3. Edit additional card information as needed.
  4. If this is the primary / preferred card for your account, click to check Make this my preferred card for future payments and purchases
  5. Click Save Card to apply changes.
Delete an old card from my account:
  1. Hover your mouse over the card information that you want to delete.
  2. Click the delete link that appears.
  3. If the card you are deleting is the only card saved to your account, you will be prompted to turn off any automatic renewals or auto pay settings.

  • If you do not wish to disable these renewals, click Cancel to first add another credit card before proceeding.
  • If you disable these renewals without another credit card on file, any numbers or keywords will expire at renewal, and low-balance auto payments will not process, potentially resulting in zero credits on your account and preventing further account activity.


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