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Phone Numbers: Port Request Form


CallFire allows you to port, or migrate, numbers serviced by another company (“current carrier”) to our platform.

To complete this form and submit your request, you will need an invoice dated within the past 30 days.

  • Current Carrier: Enter the name of the company that currently provides service for your phone number.
  • Numbers: List the phone number(s) you want to move to CallFire.
  • Port Address: Complete the request using the current carrier billing information from an invoice dated within the past 30 days.
  • Click Continue to Payment

To submit your completed port request:

  1. Pay the first month’s lease fee. The lease period begins when the first call is received after the number is hosted with Callfire.
  2. Print the Letter of Authorization (LOA) provided for your completed port request; initial, sign, and date the form.
  3. Email the completed LOA and the current bill to
  4. Need to fax your paperwork to us? Fax to 310-943-0415.
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