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SMS: Text Records


Click Export to download broadcast details to your computer as a comma-separated value (CSV) file.

  • Contact Name: If the contact list you added to the campaign did not contain contact names, only phone numbers will be displayed.
  • Phone Number: The contact number texted from the broadcast.
  • Status: Text message result. Review Understanding Campaign Statistics and Dispositions for additional information.
  • Message: Displays the body of your text message.
  • Time: Time stamp indicating the last attempt to this contact.


I don’t see text records for texts that I know were sent.

Check the calendar setting in the upper right of the page; you may need to remove or modify a date filter.

Why do no results appear when I search for a number that I know was included in this broadcast.

Search using digits only, with no formatting, i.e. 5552221212 vs. (555) 222-1212.

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