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Call Tracking: Select Numbers to Configure

A Phone Number cannot accept calls until it has been configured to a forwarding number.
  • For basic number forwarding, the Call Tracking setup may be sufficient.
  • For advanced or more complex configuration requirements, consider an IVR set up. 

Additional configuration settings allow you to manage how incoming calls are handled. Once Call Tracking has been configured, you can disable the phone number to prevent incoming calls.

Select Numbers

When configuring new numbers, only select numbers that you wish to configure identically. If the numbers will not be forwarded to the same numbers or require differing settings, they need to be configured individually.

  1. Check the box to the left of the Number(s) you wish to configure and click "Add".
    • To select all numbers listed, click "Add All".
    • If you select a number in error, simply click the box to the left of the number and click "Remove", or "Remove All" to begin again.
  2. Click "Next" to configure Call Settings.


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