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Voice Broadcast: Enable Sounds

Manage Voice Broadcast messages delivered to your contacts.
Go to: Enable | Attach | Create | Test | Common Questions
See Also: Add Contacts | Manage Settings | Sound Types

How do I?

Enable a sound type

Click the slide button to the left of the sound type name. When a sound is enabled the slide button will turn green. A sound file must be attached to all enabled selections in order to complete the sound setup. 

TIP: A Live Answer should always be enabled. 

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Attach a sound file

Within the enabled sound selection, click "Select A Message" to choose file from your account Sound Library. CallFire sample sounds cannot be used.

Create a new sound file message directly via the "Select A Message" button, or through the account Sound Library, accessed by clicking your name at the top right of your account window.

TIP: If using Transfer and Do Not Call, these options are only accessible via Live Answer. Be sure to mention the option and the digit in your Live Answer Message.

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Send Test Call 

Once you have attached your sound files, inspect your broadcast with the "Send Test Call" button. CallFire will call the number you provide and play your message, providing insight into the end user experience. You can edit and test as needed until your message is delivered as expected.

  • Hint: Be sure to say "Hello" as you would normally answer the phone when receiving your test call.
  • Tip: If Answering Machine is enabled, be sure to also test by letting the call go to voicemail.

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How long should my message be?

Your recorded Live Answer and Answering Machine messages should be no more than 30 to 40 seconds in length.

  • Longer messages tend to lose the recipient’s attention.
  • For voicemail, this typically helps keep your call time to less than 60 seconds, including the contact’s voicemail greeting.

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