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Call Records

Call Records provide the status of contacts added to your broadcast or campaign, including any resulting notes or recordings.
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How do I?

Filter records displayed in list views
View call records by results

Click the Result Filter button, select the result(s) you wish to view (i.e. Live Answer), and click Apply.

Export all call details and recordings for a campaign

Click Export, then click Call Details.

Limit call records view by date range

Click the date range button at the top right and select a filter (i.e., “Yesterday”, “Last Month”, or custom).

Search for specific contact(s)

Type any portion of a phone number (minimum 3 numerals) or contact name into the search box at the top right and click the search icon. This could be used to search for a single contact, limit your view to a specific zip code or prefix, etc.

View additional data for an individual contact

Locate the record and click details at the right to expand and view any information that was uploaded with the original contact list. Click details again to collapse the expanded view.  

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List View: Columns
Contact Name

This is the name of the contact (as identified in the list uploaded when creating the campaign).

Phone Number

This is the contact phone number that was dialed.
NOTE: If the Transfer feature was used, the transfer recipient number may display by default; if so, the contact number can be viewed in the call record detail.

What do the different Status results mean?

Following are the most common status results; for a complete list, visit Understand Campaign Statistics and Dispositions in our help documentation.

  • Live Answer: The dialed line was answered by a live person and the designated Live Answer sound was played.
  • Answering Machine: The dialed line connected to an answering machine and the designated Answering Machine sound was played.
  • Busy: The line dialed resulted in a busy signal.
  • No Answer: The line dialed was not answered.
  • Initial Transfer: The contact initiated a Transfer request using the enabled transfer feature.
  • Received Transfer: The Initial Transfer was completed and successfully connected the contact to the transfer recipient.
  • Do Not Call: The contact requested to be added to your Do Not Call list using the enabled Do Not Call feature.
  • Carrier Error: The contact phone number was not in service, or the local telephone carrier was temporarily overloaded or rejecting calls due to high call volume.
Call Duration

Duration indicates the length of the connected call.


This indicates the Date and Time the call was initiated.

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I don’t see call records for calls that I know were made.

Check the calendar setting in the upper right of the page. Make sure it is set to “All”.

Why do no results appear when I search for a number that I know was dialed in this broadcast?

Search using digits only, with no formatting, i.e. 5552221212 vs. (555) 222-1212.

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