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SMS: Create Auto Replies


An Auto Reply is often used to confirm receipt of opt in consent or to respond to a contact when specific unique trigger words are used in an inbound text message.

How do I?

Create Auto Reply

Click to create your first auto reply. Once an auto reply exists, you’ll click Add Auto Reply to create additional auto replies.

NOTE: An Auto Reply cannot be edited once created.

  • Message: This will be the content of the auto reply. A text message is limited to 160 characters.
    • Refer to the text box in the lower left to manage your character count.
  • Character count: If you exceed 160 characters, you can choose to send multiple auto reply messages (not recommended).
    • Charges apply per text -- i.e., a long auto reply split into two text messages will be charged as two separate messages.
    • NOTE: Some special characters, such as #, & (,), $ and % count as two characters, though the additional character count may not be reflected in the counter.
  • Add default opt out: Opt out text is recommended and can be added by checking the Add default opt out box.
    • The 22 characters that comprise the opt out text are automatically deducted from your character count.
  • Trigger: Optional. To limit which messages you reply to, provide a word or phrase which -- when detected in a received message -- should trigger the auto reply.
    • Avoid using generic trigger words like ok, yes, no, help, or stop.
    • STOP is especially important to avoid, since this will opt your customers out of receiving any text message.
    • Leave the Trigger blank to create an Auto Reply for all incoming messages.

Create: Click to save your Auto Reply.


What number (caller id) will the Auto Reply be sent from?

  • Keyword Auto Reply: The Send From for your Auto Reply will be the CallFire shortcode assigned to your account.
  • CallFire Phone Number {"long code"}: The Send From will be the Phone Number to which the Auto Reply is configured.


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