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Voice Broadcast: Manage Settings

Review and edit the settings applied to your Voice Broadcast.
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NOTE: If your existing broadcast is not yet in Finished status, or you will be adding numbers to extend this broadcast, any changes to settings will apply to additional messages sent.


You can use the default name, or create a unique name for easier reference.


Use labels as a means to categorize your broadcasts for filtering. Examples might include: “collections,” “reminders,” “department,” etc.

Caller ID (required)

A verified number CallFire will display on all calls for your broadcast. To add a Caller ID, click “Add New,” which will then generate a verification call.

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Manage how many calls are sent at a time, and how many times each contact is attempted.

Max simultaneous calls

Number of contacts CallFire will dial at once. If you are using the transfer feature, you’ll probably want to keep this low.

Automatic Retry

Attempts each number up to 5 times in case of Busy or No Answer. Pay attention to the timer, as it defaults to 60 minutes between attempts.

Timezone Restrictions

Limits the hours during which calls are sent, based on the local time of a contact’s area code.THIS IS NOT A SCHEDULER.


A schedule allows you to begin your broadcast or campaign at a later date and/or time.

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To begin your broadcast now, check "Start immediately"


If no selection is made under "Schedule", the broadcast will be created and saved in Stopped status.  Calls will not go out until the broadcast is started or when scheduled.

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