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Text Broadcast: List View

SMS, or text only messages, can be sent using your CallFire Phone Number, rather than sending from a shared CallFire shortcode.
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See Also: Text Broadcast Settings  

When used for texting, a phone number is referred to as a "long code". Due to various carrier restrictions and requirements, long codes should not be used for marketing purposes.

How do I?

Manage Broadcasts
Customize your broadcast list view
  • Filter by date range using the Calendar button.
  • Limit to customized labels with the Filter Labels box.
  • Find broadcasts using any part of the broadcast name from the Search box.
Create a new Broadcast

Click "New Text Broadcast", and follow the setup instructions

Start, Stop, or Delete a Broadcast

Check the box to the left of your broadcast name, click "Actions", and select either "Start", "Stop", or "Edit". TIP: You can also Stop or Start the broadcast from the individual broadcast’s Overview.

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By default, CallFire titles your broadcasts, “Text Broadcast, [date and time created]”. Click the name to view the broadcast details. The name can be edited in the detail settings.


This shows the current state of your broadcast. Possible statuses:

  • Not Finalized: Broadcast is missing a contact list or set up is otherwise incomplete.
  • Stopped: Broadcast has been created but not Started or Scheduled
  • Scheduled: Broadcast has been created and scheduled to run at a later date and/or time.
  • Running: Broadcast is now in process, attempting to deliver your text messages.
  • Finished: All contacts attached to the broadcast have been attempted.

Shows number of contacts dialed or suppressed for Do Not Text, and how many remain to be attempted. Remaining amount is also displayed as a percentage of the total contacts.


Optional tags you may have applied to the campaign; labels are used for filtering campaigns into groups for reporting or other purposes.


Shows the most recent date that calls were dialed or settings were changed.

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