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Add Contacts: Filter from Existing Campaigns

When adding contacts to a broadcast or campaign, you can easily include a previously used set of contacts. 
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To begin, choose Filter Previous List from Additional options.

Edit the name of your new contact list, if necessary (defaults to “Subset” & date/time).
  1. Select the previous Broadcast, Call Center campaign, Phone Number, or Keyword from the drop down that contains the list of contacts from which you want to filter.
  2. Select your filter type. You can use only one filter type at a time (see example provided below).
    • Filter by these Responses:
      Filter a campaign based on responses to custom dispositions (custom dispositions can only be created using Survey Questions in a Call Center Campaign).
    • Include these Call Results:
      Filter a campaign based on CallFire system dispositions (e.g. No Answer, Busy).
  3. Once the filter is selected, click "Create List".

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