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Add Contacts: Add Single Contact

When adding contacts to a broadcast or campaign, you can select from individual contacts already saved to your account, or manually enter individual contacts.
Go to: Select Existing | Add New
See Also: Add Contacts | Manage Contacts   
To begin, choose Add Single Contact from Additional options.

TIP: CallFire recommends that you search for a contact before creating it, as the contact may already exist in your account.

Select an Existing Contact
  1. Type a phone number or name into the Search box to locate a contact.
  2. Click + to the left of the contact.
  3. Once all contacts are searched and selected, click "Done".
  4. If you add a contact in error, click  to the left of the Selected Contact to remove. 

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Create a new contact
    1. Complete contact fields (First & Last Name; Work, Home, and Mobile Phone; Zip Code).
    2. Be sure to type the phone number to be used for contact into the "Home Phone" text box.
    3. Click "Save".

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