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Account Settings: Notifications

Notification settings let you decide when and how CallFire communicates to you regarding activities and actions in your account.

You can enable CallFire notifications via email and/or text message (SMS) for select account actions.

Go to: Campaign Notifications | Billing Notifications | Opt In Settings 
See Also: Payment Settings    

How do I?

Change a notification preference?
  • To Enable a notification type, click to check the box below either Email and/or SMS.
  • To Disable a notification type, click to remove the check from the box below either Email and/or SMS.
Provide a preferred mobile number for Text notifications:

SMS notifications will be sent only to a single designated mobile number.

  • Once the SMS checkbox is marked, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your mobile number in the SMS Notifications text field.
  • Click Update Settings.

IMPORTANT: After making changes, be sure to click "Update Settings" at the bottom of the page to save your preferences.

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Campaign Notifications

NOTE: When enabling Email campaign notifications, you will be prompted to provide an email address. This allows notifications to be sent to a contact other than the account holder.

Notify me when a campaign finishes

Receive confirmation via your selected communication method(s) when all numbers in any broadcast or campaign have been attempted and received a final disposition.

Notify me when I receive an inbound call or text

Receive confirmation via your selected communication method(s) any time a new call or text message is logged on a CallFire Phone Number or response to a Keyword.

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Billing Notifications

Monthly renewal payment

Receive a reminder in advance of your automatic renewal. NOTE: Paid receipts can be viewed and downloaded in account Billing - Order History.

Low balance payment

Cannot be enabled without a credit card saved in account Payment Settings.

Failed automatic payment

Cannot be enabled without a credit card saved in account Payment Settings. NOTE: Billing Notifications are sent only to the CallFire account holder's email address.

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Opt In Settings

Yes! I'd like to get the full experience of my CallFire account

Manage your preference to potentially receive various CallFire customer communications via CallFire products, including auto-dialed or pre-recorded calls, text messages, etc.

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