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Contact Lists

Lists added directly to your account Contact Lists are easily accessible to attach to any campaign or broadcast.
Go to: Upload | Delete | View / Edit List | View / Edit Contact | Columns
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How do I?

Add new Contacts

You can upload a new list, copy and paste phone numbers, or import contacts directly from a supported CRM.

To upload a new list of contacts
  1. Click "Upload List".
  2. Type a unique name to identify the contact list.
  3. Click "Choose a file" and select a file from your computer (xls, xlsx, or csv) up to 10MB.
  4. You may be prompted to select a title for each column to confirm the default mapping:
    NOTE: The option to select Automatically name columns next time is not recommended.
    • Verify the first name, last name, and phone are correctly identified.
      The contact number to be dialed by CallFire should be identified as "Home Phone".
    • It is not required to map additional columns; "Default" is acceptable.

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Delete a contact list

NOTE: Once deleted, a list cannot be recovered or restored.

  1. Use the checkbox to the left of the list name(s) to select one or more lists.
  2. Click "Actions".
  3. Click "Delete" to remove the list from your account.
  4. CallFire will prompt you to confirm your wish to permanently delete the Contact list.

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View or edit a specific contact list

Click the name of the contact list to be reviewed. The list will open in the Contact List Editor.

View or edit individual contacts from all lists

To review a single list of all contacts, go to the All Contacts window from the left navigation panel.

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To search for a specific contact list, type any portion of the list name or enter a created date (mm/dd/yy) into the search box provided.


The name entered when the contact list was created. Consider customizing to a unique name so you can more easily identify the source of the contact list.


This number shows how many contact records are included in the list.


The date the contact list was added to your account.


Indicates the current state of the contact list, such as Active, Validating, etc.

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